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Creative commissions for:

Advertisements, editorial, 

promotional, lifestyle, still life, architecture, & landscapes.

Let's meet to discuss ideas and needs, no obligation or pressure. Experience with high value objects, delicate, and antiquities. Extensive knowledge of locations around the UK.  4K video available.

Professional live performance & production imagery:

Theatre, film, tv, music, dance, editorial, rehearsal, colleges and universities.

Confidential and discreet for film/tv. Mirrorless camera used when needed. Ready to climb into any spot for the music shots. No flash use!  

Location and studio:

Music & theatrical promo, portrait, headshots, costumed, fashion, & lifestyle.

From traditional headshots, to giving your portfolio or promo photos something to stand out. Experienced in digital effects, and able to supply  wigs, props, etc to photoshoots if needed. Digitally FX existing photos. 

    Creative Photography       Quick turnaround   

Holding a high BA (HONS) Degree in Photography, specialising in research, live imagery, and museum piece/high value items.

I also have several film cameras, and my own B&W darkroom, should anyone like a more retro session.

I have my own equipment/studio, do high spec editing, and am conversant in Lightroom and Photoshop. But I'm also experienced in commercial studios and easily adapt to whatever equipment/brands provided. Experienced in photography admin, organising, stock, data sheets, including Magento and Excel. 

I'm timely, conscientious, and pleasant and fun to work with. Happy to shoot to brand specs, collaborating, or using my own creative vision.   

Currently working on expanding to video shoots as well!

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